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Seagate Serial ATA Barracuda V 120GB Review

Seagate Technology, a company established almost 25 years ago has always been at the forefront of technology and innovation. They have become a leader in both SCSI and ATA technologies, and recently Seagate has become one of the major driving forces pushing the newest ATA technology, named Serial ATA. For those of you unfamiliar with Serial ATA, or SATA as we like to call it, it is a the newest ATA technology developed by Intel, Seagate, Maxtor, Dell, and APT Technologies. The actual SATA drives use the same form factor as standard ATA/100 drives, but the power and interface cables have been changed and are now flexible and thin, easing airflow inside your case as well as making the inside look more visually appealing.

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Crazy PC Silver Inferno Case Review

Over the last few years, the computer enthusiast has started to take as much pride in his computer case as the individual components inside his computer. With the bland biege cases a thing of the 90's, many enthusiasts have turned to high quality aluminum cases as their first choice in their high end systems. Companies like Lian Li and Coolermaster are probably two of the most popular aluminum case makers, but for many their "reference" designs are not good enough. This is where modding comes into place, and if any of you have tried it, you know that it is using a dremel to cut out a hole for a window is not a very difficult project, but further engraving pictures or decals into your side panel is no easy task. Crazypc, one of the internet's largest case, case mod, and cooling stores realized that not everyone has the knowledge, time, and patience to mod their cases, and therefore they have created their very own line of modified cases, many of which use Lian Li aluminum cases, and can be found here.

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