Acer CEO still likes Windows 8; doesn't like Surface

Acer CEO JT Wang stirred up the Internet earlier this week with some choice quotes about his views on Microsoft's Surface tablet plans. He said that Microsoft should "think twice" about entering the PC hardware market with the Windows 8/RT tablet, telling Microsoft, "It is not something you are good at ..."

Today, Digitimes has a new article where Wang added to his feelings about the Surface tablet and Windows 8 in general. Wang stated that Acer still plans to release Windows 8-based products. He added that he is the "most optimistic CEO about Windows 8" and that Wang has given the OS his "highest rating."

Having said all that, Wang still feels that Microsoft's release of the Surface will still have a negative effect on the current PC hardware ecosystem and has made contact with Microsoft to talk about his concerns.

Wang also claims that PC makers were not given a heads up on Microsoft's plans for Surface before the company announced the product in June. However, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has already claimed that the company did in fact alert other PC makers about their plans for the tablet ahead of time.

Wang also claims that Microsoft is looking at a number of price points for the Surface tablet. In his opinion, Wang says that if the tablet is priced at $199, it would have a "rather significant impact" on the PC market, but that would be lessened if the Surface is priced around $499.

Source: Digitimes

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