Acer unveils Chrome OS devices in two weeks

It's been long predicted that Acer would be releasing devices running Google's Chrome OS, but now VentureBeat reports that that Acer will unveil the devices in two weeks, at the Computex Taipei show, which starts June 1st. 

Acer won't say what kind of device they plan on running Chrome OS on. It was designed for ultra-portable netbooks, but Google has made it possible for the OS to be implented on PDAs and ARM-processor tablets. Also unclear is how Chrome OS will integrate with Google's Android operating system, or if it will integrate at all. Google CEO Eric Schmidt has said in interviews that the products will eventually merge, but never gave a timetable. Technically, either Android or Chrome OS could run on netbooks and tablets running smaller, mobile processors like ARM, but VentureBeat predicts that Google will stick to Android on tablets due to the fact that Android has already been optimized to work with touchscreens, a prime example being multi-touch capability. 

The planned release of Chrome OS was for the second half of this year, putting June slightly ahead of schedule, but it's very possible that Acer's devices won't be available for purchase until later in the year. 

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