Acer: We are still making Windows RT products

Of all the companies that have commented on Microsoft's entry into the PC hardware market with the upcoming Surface tablet, none have been more critical than Acer. The CEO of the PC maker, JT Wang, has said that Microsoft should "think twice" before launching the Surface, which will have both a Windows RT and a Windows 8 Pro version.

Wang also admitted that he is optimistic about Windows 8 itself and that Acer still has plans to release Windows 8 products. Today, reports, via an Acer spokesperson, that those plans also include releasing products running on the ARM-based Windows RT.

The spokesperson would not say if its Windows RT devices would be ready for the launch of Windows RT in late October saying only, "Acer plans to incorporate Windows RT into our product roadmap, but we have not yet confirmed the timing of our product launches."

Microsoft has already confirmed that, in addition to the Windows RT version of Surface, Lenovo, Dell and Samsung will all sell Windows RT products in the near future. Toshiba has said it won't have a Windows RT device ready for the October launch, due to delays in hardware components, and HP has also not announced plans for a Windows RT tablet.


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