AdDuplex data may show proof of Microsoft Surface RT 2 tablet

AdDuplex, which runs an ad network for Windows and Windows Phone apps, has posted regular updates on the Windows Phone ecosystem for the past several months, based on data they have retrieved from their ad network. However, the last time they offered a similar update on Windows 8/RT devices was in April.

That changed on Sunday when AdDuplex posted up some new numbers, based on data collected from 393 Windows Store apps that ran the company's SDK. The results show that the Surface RT tablet from Microsoft is still the most used single hardware device in the Windows 8/RT system. In fact, the tablet actually gained market share in between April and August. The data shows that 9.5 percent of the apps on the network are running on the Surface RT, compared to 6.2 percent in April.

It's more than possible that the recent price cuts and educational discounts for the tablet are having the desired effect by increasing sales for the Surface RT and that caused the percentage jump in AdDuplex's numbers. The Surface Pro, which launched in February and is now nearly the end of its own month long $100 price cut, is number seven on AdDuplex's list at 1.0 percent.

HP is still the number one Windows 8/RT device maker with 21.2 percent, followed by Dell with 11.7 percent and Microsoft in third with 10.5 percent. The AdDuplex blog also mentions that their data shows listings for a "Microsoft Corporation Surface 2" and "Microsoft Corporation Surface with Windows 8.1 Pro" devices. While the Surface 8.1 product may just be the current Surface Pro running the new Windows 8.1 OS, it seems clear that the "Microsoft Corporation Surface 2" listing is evidence of Microsoft's plans to make a second generation version of its Surface RT tablet.

Source: AdDuplex | Image via AdDuplex

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