Alienware chooses Airgo chipsets for new laptops

Alienware's 19-inch Aurora mALX and 17-inch Aurora m9700 notebooks are equipped with the Airgo's Gen3 True MIMO (multiple input, multiple output), the companies are expected to announce during the E3 Expo, a massive conference in Los Angeles dedicated to video games. Airgo's chips are designed to connect a computer with Wi-Fi systems at speeds fast enough to make high-performance gaming possible, Airgo executives said. Dell announced in March that it would acquire Alienware.

"Because high-performance users are increasingly embracing mobile platforms, Airgo's True MIMO technology underscores Alienware's ongoing commitment to delivering the highest performance systems," Mark Vena, Alienware's vice president of marketing, said in a statement.

MIMO technology has been adopted as the core of the new IEEE 802.11n MIMO interoperability standard. MIMO is Wi-Fi certified, and can be used with any other Wi-Fi certified 802.11 device on a network, Airgo said.

News source: CNET News

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