Alleged 'Lumia 650 XL' shown off in video running Windows RT 8.1 PE

A new video has appeared on YouTube showing the Windows RT 8.1 Preinstallation Environment on an alleged 'Microsoft Lumia 650 XL'.

Of course, there is no such thing as a Lumia 650 XL. The device is reported to be a prototype with the codename Honjo. This raises more questions, as Honjo was rumored to be the now-cancelled Lumia 850, and the device in the video clearly matches the various renders and photos of that handset.

The description of the video also says the following:

Well, I have put Windows RT 8.1 Preinstallation Environment(PE) into a 8GB MicroSDHC Card with GPT partition table and an EFI System Partition (FAT32, not MBR Primary Partition, you can made this with PartitionGuru Free), and renamed Honjo's original bootarm.efi in its EFIESP partition.

However, with no MSM8909 drivers' support, I can't operate Windows RT 8.1 PE, just use a set of hotkey (Vol+ + Vol- + Power) to perform a reboot to BDS Menu to shutdown.

Qualcomm's MSM8909 is the Snapdragon 210 chipset, which is the same that can be found in the Lumia 550. The Lumia 650 uses MSM8909v2, or the Snapdragon 212, which would make the Lumia 650 XL a downgrade from the 650, and a very far cry from a potential Lumia 850.

The best we can do is assume that Microsoft made a Honjo prototype with a Snapdragon 210 inside of it. All we know for sure is that someone hacked some phone to run something.

Still, the video might be worth checking out. The YouTuber provides a link to download the image, in case you want to try it out yourself.

Source: OneTechStop

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