This Windows 11 Mobile concept imagines a modern mobile OS by Microsoft

A render of a Surface-branded phone with Windows 11 Mobile

In October 2017, Microsoft revealed it would no longer develop Windows 10 Mobile or produce new smartphones for the stagnating platform. Two years later, the OS received its final update and went six feet under. It is dead but not forgotten—enthusiasts continue daydreaming about what a modern mobile OS by Microsoft could look like and what features it could offer. If you wonder the same, feast your eyes on this fantastic Windows 11 Mobile concept by AR 4789.

Projects like DuoWOA already let us taste Windows 11 on smartphone-sized devices. Nonetheless, it is still a desktop OS on a small display. The concept by AR 4789 (via Windows Central) envisions user interfaces optimized for smartphones, dynamic widgets, a pocket-sized File Explorer, and more. It does a great job maintaining a familiar Windows 11 look and making it look more natural on small devices.

We have already reported several concepts trying to predict what the next Windows version might look like (check out this, this, and this). Although they all look great, it is safe to say that the chances of those fancy UIs getting implemented by Microsoft are incredibly slim. So much more, you should not expect the software giant to announce a dedicated mobile version of its desktop OS.

The times of Microsoft trying to disrupt the market with an alternative to iOS and Android are long gone. Even Microsoft's attempts to play around with dual-screen Android smartphones no longer look promising. Lackluster software support, scrapped plans to release a Surface Duo with a foldable display, changes in the development teams, and rumors about not releasing Android 13 for the Surface Duo lineup do not ignite hope for a bright future for smartphones produced by Microsoft. All that is left for the former Windows Phone/Mobile enthusiasts are these great concepts published on YouTube.

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