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Amazon customer surprised their £500 laptop was so light, found Weetabix inside

weetabix laptop not real
A laptop with Weetbix inside (obviously not real)

It is hardly any surprise that laptops and notebooks are getting lighter and lighter by the day. Well unless you are talking about gaming laptops, workstation laptops, or any of those ultra-enthusiast premium models, most of the slim category notebooks are indeed pretty lightweight compared to what they were even five years ago.

This is made possible due to the technological improvements of the silicon chip (die shrinks and architectural advancements), as well as the simultaneous improvements made in the laptop designing process itself.

If you have not held any recent notebooks, you may be surprised at just how light they are now, especially if the one you had was something like 10 years ago or so, when most such PCs weighed closer to 5 KGs or more.

Something almost similar happened with 40-year Adam Yearsley, from Urmston, Greater Manchester, U.K., who recently made a purchase of a new £500 laptop, from Amazon, perhaps during the recent Prime Day 2023 sales.

They exclaimed to themself that their new laptop was unexpectedly light while unwrapping it. However, they were far more surprised to find not a new gadget inside but Weetabix instead. For all those not familiar with it, Weetabix is a breakfast cereal brand that's pretty popular there.

Adam Yearsley said:

I've never had an issue before but honestly when I got the parcel I did think this feels a bit light to be a laptop.

I thought, well, I trust this company, maybe laptops are more lightweight nowadays.

When I took off the cardboard packaging and saw Weetabix I was stunned. I thought maybe my partner ordered this as he sometimes goes on diets, but then I remembered I'd just done all the security checks with the driver.

The incident was quickly resolved and the seller gave the following statement:

We've contacted the customer directly, apologised and refunded in full.

The incident is one of those funny ones of misplaced orders and Adam Yearsley said he had a good laugh about it with his mates.

Source: BBC

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