Amazon Dash Button: One click ordering from your house

We love April Fool's Day. It's a great time for companies to let their hair down and show their silly side. Google already announced their "Smartbox By Inbox," and now Amazon has stepped into the ring with the "Dash Button."

Simply place the physical button next to things that you don't want to run out of, such as laundry soap or coffee, and when you notice your supply getting low, press the button to automatically order more.

The button connects to your home's Wi-Fi and places the order on your behalf. If you're worried about someone ordering a product without your approval, a message is sent to your mobile device so that you can cancel the order if needed.

We laughed at this product at first, until we realized that this wasn't a joke and was a real product. Amazon has a Terms of Use setup for the Dash Button, and USA Today confirmed that it is indeed a real product that is being tested out. Amazon is known for throwing things against the wall to see if they stick, and this is definitely one of the more unique offerings we've seen.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction...

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