AMD Intel "benchmark comparison unfair"

The benchmarks and system specs we published over the weekend comparing Intel and AMD processors using integrated chipsets are clearly unfair, as Nils Dahl has pointed out at Van's Hardware Pages.

But he also points to the reason why the benchmark is unfair, and that's because the AMD chips use the Nforce chipset, which appear to trash the 845G big time.

Which has only got to be good news for Nvidia, AMD's favourite SNAP partner, we reckon.

Earlier this year, we reported sources at both ATI and Nvidia were a little bothered about the introduction of the Intel 845G and 845GL chipsets, dubbed by Chipzilla itself as "extreme graphics".

They are still bothered -- Intel has fantastic marketing, sales and distribution reach worldwide and as the 845G and the 845E are being positioned as "corporate stable platforms", gazillions will eventually be sold. Many will be sold to companies who couldn't give a stuff whether the 845G is slower than anything Nvidia or ATI throw out of their labs.

News source: The Inquirer

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