Analysts praise Nokia's new Lumia 925

Nokia announced their brand new Lumia 925 just a few days ago, and while some people feel it's a bit of an underwhelming device, there are many others that have high hopes for the newest member of the Lumia family.

Surprisingly, analysts are among those that seem to be excited about Nokia's latest handset. Citing differentiation in the marketplace as well as upgraded specs and sensibility to consumers' feedback, some analysts say that Nokia has a potential hit on its hands. One such analyst is John Delaney, IDC's research director, who looks towards Nokia with renewed hope thanks to their innovative approach to imaging and renewed efforts in terms of marketing:

These are impressive phones that compare strongly with other devices in their class. Strikingly, ads for the devices explicitly put them toe-to-toe with Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S on low-light image capture. Nokia has been reluctant in the past to mention competitors, let alone to criticise them. But having developed an extremely strong imaging proposition comprising both hardware and software, if Nokia is going to start a battle then it has probably made the smartest choice of battleground available.

Delaney goes on to address Nokia's decision to offer their own update packages from now on, the first of which is "Amber". Nokia's decision is an interesting one, as they will probably bundle their own apps and camera firmware with Microsoft's Windows Phone updates:

From now on, the Nokia-exclusive elements of the Lumia software will be released regularly in alphabetically-named packages. The first of these, Amber, ships with the 925. This could prove to be an important source of differentiation [...] However, Nokia must be careful about communicating its story around software releases, especially to the developer community. The releases are about new functionality, not developer APIs – but it wouldn't take much to raise suspicions about fragmentation of the platform.

Another analyst that seems bullish on Nokia's prospects is Ernest Doku, telecom expert for uSwitch:

This is the one that true Nokia fans have been waiting for. Addressing all of the critical concerns levelled at the Lumia 920, the 925 is lighter, smarter and made of sterner stuff, thanks to its aluminum frame. The marriage of technical expertise in mobile imaging with a gorgeous piece of hardware shows that the Finnish manufacturer still has fire in its belly.

We'll have to wait and see if this new device will actually be as successful as these folks predict and as Nokia hopes, but one thing's clear, the potential of success is there.

Source: Mobile News | Images via Neowin/Andy Weir

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