Anarchy Online Free Play Extended Until 2008 + Expansion

Sorry for not posting this before today, I took a couple days off from posting news as I was getting a bit burnt out doing near 60 stories in about a week, but I'm back now jack!
Funcom announced last Friday that they were extending the play all you can play promotion of Anarchy Online all the way through 2008 now. The promotion was already extended once until 2007, now you can play free until 2008. But that's not all! In addition to the extension through 2008, Funcom is also giving all free players the PvP centered expansion "Notum Wars" as well!
Notum Wars which was actually voted "Best expansion of the Year" by Computer Gaming World when it came out, adds Player Versus Player combat to the Anarchy Online world of Rubi Ka. Notum Wars allows you to fight other players for control of land, build towers to control that land and then fight it out to continue holding that land. It has been done before in games obviously, but I think Anarchy Online was the first MMORPG to add it through PvP content. I could be wrong of course. To continue, please be aware for you new guys interested in this offer, if you do play Anarchy Online through the free promotion, you will see "dynamic in-game advertising" which of course means you will see ads in game. Now I've never played the free promotion for more than a few minutes, so I haven't seen any of these ads, but I would imagine they are not horribly large nor do they detract from the overall gameplay experience.
So head on over to the Anarchy Online website, register an account if you don't have one already, download the game (using bit torrent) and play some Anarchy Online with the new Notum Wars expansion!

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