AOL UK Double Broadband Speeds

AOL UK have announced that they are doubling the speed of thier broadband service to all thier UK customers at no extra cost. Current subscribers will have to wait upto 6 months for the upgrade to take place, whereas new customers joining after 7th February will instantly receive the double speed with the AOL Broadband Silver, Gold and Platinum packages are being upgraded. In effect, this gives new and existing AOL members on these packages up to twice the speed for the same price.

The speed upgrade will take place over a six-month period, as AOL will only be able to upgrade a certain number of people on a daily basis, hence the lead-time of six months. All new AOL Broadband Gold members on the ntl cable network will also receive a broadband service of speeds up to 1Mbps from Monday 7 February 2005. Existing AOL Broadband Gold members on the ntl cable network will be upgraded from the current speed of up to 750 Kbps to a faster connection of up to 1 Mbps as quickly as possible. AOl plan to inform all members of the upgrade once it has taken place by email. The AOL Broadband Silver service will still not support home networking.

News source: AOL UK

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