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Apple's AppStore turns 1 year old today

It seems hard to believe but Apple's App Store is 1 year old today. The official launch day was July 11th but many users were able to get a leaked copy of OS 2.0 for the iPhones which got them a sneak peak around this time last year.

When the App store first launched no one was really sure how well it would work out for Apple but as time has shown it has been nothing but a massive success. While statistics are hard to come by because of Apple's secrecy, there are at least 50,000 third party applications in the App store as of June 8th 2009. That equates to about 137 new Apps a day.

There are some notable Apps that have seen their fair share of attention such as the iamrich App that sold for $1000.00 that displayed nothing more than a fancy red jewl on the screen. Also adult themed Apps are now making their way into the store after Apple introduced parental controls.

Because of Apple's success with the App Store competitors have been following suit. For example, RIM now has App World on the Blackberry platform and Microsoft is following the same path with its own store too.

Regardless if you like Apple and their products they have once again helped shape the mobile phone platform into something that everyone can benefit from. Here is to another successful year for the App Store and may it bring is hours of entertainment directly to our pockets.

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