Apple job posting calls for a Verizon iPad engineer

If the writing wasn't already on the wall, the evidence is mounting that Apple and Verizon are about to become BFFs. While a lot of news has been surfacing about the Verizon iPhone (like another rumor today that said it will have LTE and be announced in early January), todays bit of information is about as solid as it gets.

Apple is looking to hire an engineer with ties to Verizon. The job title is obvious, "Verizon iPad System Engineer" is about as good as confirmations get that Verizon and Apple are working closely together. The job posting has since been removed, most likely to be reposted but without Verizon in the job title, but was able to grab a screenshot of the posting.

What does this all really mean? Clearly the Apple and Verizon relationship goes a lot further than Verizon selling the iPad with a Mifi; Apple and Verizon are working close together to help push the iPad into the business sector. More so, if Apple and Verizon are working this closely together, it may suggest that Apple is getting ready to end its exclusiveness with AT&T and open up its devices to other networks.


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