Apple products no longer welcome in the Chinese government

The Chinese government has dropped some big names such as Apple and Intel from its list of approved technology providers as a security measure, and to boost local tech.

To encourage local companies and reduce reliance on American technology, the Chinese government has dropped numerous products from major US companies from its approved list. The main companies that have been removed include Apple, Intel, Cisco and Citrix.

China has been forcing many companies to comply with their rules and regulations for quite some time in both the software and hardware space. The most recent incident included the heavy anti-trust fine imposed on Qualcomm for failure to co-operate with local chip makers.

The latest move from China could deal a major blow to US firms, as government agencies are generally big spenders on tech, which has led the US State Department to express concern. According to a spokesperson, the state department is "very concerned that many aspects of China's recent regulatory actions - touted as means to bolster cyber security - are neither effective cyber security measures nor consistent with the principles of free and open trade."

As the new regulations introduced in China are in the early stage, there could be more such incidents coming forward in the near future.

Source: Sky News

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