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DirectX 12 rumoured to allow combining AMD and Nvidia cards on same PC

Microsoft's upcoming DirectX 12 is rumoured to feature a revolutionary API that would enable users to combine graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia.

PC gaming enthusiasts could be in for a treat if the latest rumour from Tom's Hardware is true. So far gamers have been able to combine multiple AMD cards or Nvidia cards using Crossfire or SLI, respectively but they cannot be combined with each other.

However, the latest rumour suggests that Microsoft could make such a combination possible and remove the dependence on manufacturer restrictions with its next DirectX release in Windows 10.

DirectX 12 will be able to use the combined power of the GPUs as a single system, which can be better utilized by the game developers with what is being termed as "Explicit Asynchronous Multi-GPU Capabilities." It is suggested in the Tom's Hardware post, that one of the cards will be the master card and the other card will be used to increase the performance.

Microsoft will reveal more about its plans for DirectX 12 at the Game Developers Conference which starts on Monday and the announcement of these enhancements will definitely improve the already impressive lineup of features that DirectX 12 is expected to bring in for gamers and game developers alike.

Source: Tom's Hardware

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