Apple Will Target Tiger's Networking Glitches

Although two updates to Apple Computer Inc.'s Mac OS X Tiger have fixed many compatibility problems, enterprise networking problems persist. A new update, version 10.4.3, is expected this summer, and will address some of the remaining problems, according to sources.

Sources say that the update will fix continuing problems with integration with Microsoft Corp. Activity Directory, SMB file sharing and lower-level networking issues. Problems in these areas are being reported in discussion forums at Apple's Web site and around the Internet.

VPN (virtual private network) connectivity, including connecting to Cisco Systems Inc.'s concentrators, is one of the more persistent problem areas. Most VPN clients that worked under previous versions of Mac OS X were incompatible with Tiger 10.4.0. Apple's 10.4.1 update fixed a kernel bug, enabling some VPN client developers to release Tiger-compatible versions.

News source: eWeek

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