Apple's iPhone 8 hobbles through drop test

This year, Apple released three different versions of its iPhone. While we are only a couple of days away from the retail release of the iPhone X, it appears that the durability of the iPhone 8 is being tested once again.

We have previously seen the iPhone 8 go through some unconventional testing, being pitted against flames and Moh's picks, but now you can see just how resilient the handset is when its put to the test when dropped, like in everyday scenarios. For the test, two iPhones were used, one in a case, the other without.

Apple has touted that the handset offers a durable glass exterior, but this claim doesn't mean that it will survive the types of drops you might encounter on a daily basis. As expected, the iPhone 8 is still susceptible to cracks when dropped from waist height or higher. While it does fair quite well, in the beginning, it starts to falter, showing that like other glass devices, it has a limit as to what kind of abuse it can withstand. Perhaps the more interesting part is how well the phone survives in the case, without a mark to show that it even went through a test.

The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X are now available to be ordered through Apple's website and wireless carriers.

Source: JerryRigEverything (YouTube)

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