Apple's next iPhone to feature iMovie application?

A big feature of Apples (supposed) upcoming iPhone is movie recording, and many suspect movie editing to come with this. This editing feature has been laying low in Rumortown lately, but its reared its ugly head once more, in the form of a BusinessWeek article. The subject? Apparently, an application based on Mac OS Xs iMovie will come bundled with the iPhone OS 3.0 release, coming this Summer.

The article states that, "Ive spoken with a source that is familiar with Apples plans for the next iPhone, which may well be announced at Apples Worldwide Developers Conference in early June. Evidently, shooting video is as easy as it is with a Flip, the ingenious device made by Pure Digital (recently purchased by Cisco). Then theres an iMovie app that lets you quickly save the sections you want, right there on the phone itself. There may also be support for MMS, so the clips can be shared wirelessly with friends. And because of the iPhones relatively large screen, your friends dont have to schlep to your PC or their Facebook page to see that video of your kids or your safari. Just hand them your iPhone." This is a very promising prospect, and would help silence the critics of Apples mobile device, and at the same time would provide an easier way for the many users of YouTube (or other websites) to upload their videos.

As usual, this is just a rumor, but June isnt that far away now, so expect the rumors to pick up and the hype to build, and at the same time some more credible information to come out. What do you think Neowin? With all the changes that Apple has made to the iPhone so far (via the 3.0 software), is this going to change your opinion on it, or will this make no difference to you?

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