Apple's stock price goes down just slightly after Jobs' death

Many people speculated that Apple's stock price would go down sharply if anything happened to its founder and former CEO Steve Jobs. But those fears were put to rest, at least for the moment. In trading today, Apple' stock price went down only slightly, .23 percent, on the day after Jobs passed away. The overall stock market went up about 1.5 percent in trading today. That shows that investors, while they may have questions about the future of an Apple without Jobs, are not yet panicking about the prospect.

Part of that attitude is that analysts believe that Jobs worked out a plan to release new products and updates a number of years in advance with Apple's current executive team, lead by its CEO Tim Cook. Some analysts believe that Apple's next big product launch might be an Apple-branded television running its iOS operating system. However, any new product launch is most likely several months, or even a few years, down the road.

In related news, Reuters reports that the TNT cable TV network will re-air its acclaimed TV movie Pirates of Silicon Valley tonight at 8 pm Eastern time and again at 10 pm Eastern time. The movie, which originally aired in 1999, starred Noah Wyle as Jobs in a loose retelling of Apple's rise in the late 1970s and early 1980s. After the movie aired, Wyle appeared and spoke as Jobs on stage at the beginning of Apple's keynote address at MacWorld before Jobs himself joined Wyle on stage.

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