AT&T sets the record straight with Verizon

AT&T released a statement today about the recent Verizon attack ads, discussing the situation and clearing up the misleading and false rumors about the company. In the press release issued by AT&T, the company attempts to clean up anything that customers might find misleading.

The AT&T press release states the facts with their current network and services, comparing their customer coverage numbers with Verizon.

AT&T's claims that their wireless data covers 303 million people in the U.S. (97% of the population). They further broke down the numbers into 3G, EDGE and GPRS coverage.

AT&T's network is said to cover 233 million people (75% of the population) with 3G, claiming that it is the nation's fastest, 301 million people (96% of the population) with their EDGE network, and GPRS covers 303 million people (97% of the population), which allows for basic talk, text, email and access to basic websites.

In AT&T's press release, they mention that they are the #1 network for smartphones, having twice as many smartphone customers as Verizon does. AT&T mentions that the reasons for having the #1 network for smartphones is that they have the most popular smartphones, more wireless applications, offering over 100,000 apps. They also mention that customers prefer their network for smartphones is because they can multitask with their devices, allowing talk and surf at the same time, with the fastest 3G in the nation.

However, customers of AT&T appear to disagree with them, rating AT&T as one of the worst carriers in the U.S. and when AT&T admitted that they were facing network difficulties, it was becuase customers were using too much data for the network to handle.

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