id Software aquired by Bethesda parent company, ZeniMax

In an unexpected turn of events, one that is common in the gaming industry, it was released that id Software has been bought up by ZeniMax, parent company to the popular developer Bethesda.

It has been stated that ZeniMax will be keeping id Software as a separate entity along size Bethesda.
John Carmack, lead programmer and last founder still working at id Software who will now be leading the company, has confirmed that they wont be going anywhere, "No changes will be made in the operations of id Software in the development of its games,"

He adds, "This puts id Software in a wonderful position going forward. We will now be able to grow and extend all of our franchises under one roof"

Carmack is not the only one who is excited about the future of the company and future workings with ZeniMax and Bethesda.

The CEO of ZeniMax, Robert Altman, is looking forward to working with id Software and bringing their interesting and popular games under one roof, he comments "We, along with many others, consider id Software to be among the finest game studios in the world, with extraordinary design, artistic and technical capabilities. They have demonstrated, repeatedly, that rare ability to create franchise properties that are critical and commercial successes"

For anyone out of the loop when it comes to games, id Software are the developers behind the well known and popular Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein series of PC video games, which for some were their first experience with the start of 3D gaming.

They are currently developing Rage, a First-Person Shooter (FPS) and Racer, and Doom 4, the fourth in well known and popular of FPS titles.

Bethesda are the developers behind the Elder Scroll titles, the latest in the series Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. In 2004 they acquired the Fallout rights and in 2008 released Fallout 3 which was a critical and commercial success winning numerous awards for the games design.

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