Black Friday: You can get ProtonMail and ProtonVPN with up to 50% off

The security firm, Proton Technologies, is offering up to 50% off premium services on its ProtonMail and ProtonVPN between now and November 26. Both services have had big updates recently with ProtonMail 3.15 launching and the iOS version of ProtonVPN being released; if you’ve been considering paying for these services then now is the best time to get on board.

The firm has launched two Black Friday pages, one for ProtonMail and another for ProtonVPN. While both pages contain their own unique offers, they do share one in common, that’s the package where you can get ProtonMail Plus and ProtonVPN Plus for $6 per month, billed at $144 for two years. If you wanted premium accounts on both services that is the best deal to sign up to, however, if you just want individual products then you can get ProtonMail Plus for $2 per month billed at $48 for two years, ProtonVPN Basic for $2 per month billed at $48 for two years, or ProtonVPN Plus for $4 per month billed as $96 for two years.

If you’ve already handed over cash previously to get a premium account there are still deals you can get. Paid users can head to the dashboard of either ProtonMail or ProtonVPN and press the Black Friday deals buttons in the upper right menu bar to see what's on offer.

Proton Technologies said that the money it brings in from this sale will help it reach its goal of bringing internet privacy to everyone. It pointed out that it is a community-supported firm and its only source of income is through sales of its premium products. With regards to ProtonMail, the firm said income will help it develop new features such as encrypted full-text search and Proton Calender, as well as making even more of its software open source.

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