Blizzard crossing the line?

Blizzard has employed "Warden", a well known program that polices the use 3rd party programs such as bots or cheats, in their popular World of Warcraft game. Up until recently, privacy researchers have been able to keep tabs on the program's actions to make sure it isn't any cause for concern. However, with the November 13th, 2007 update to World of Warcraft, Blizzard has inserted a cryptographic hash function into Warden, making it near impossible for anyone to track what the company is using it for. This isn't to say Blizzard is going to steal your information but all it would take is a rogue employee getting laid off and using anger as his fuel to slip in some code and get your personal information. To add insult to injury, Blizzard has been deleting forum posts without reply.

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