Blue apps transferred to Windows 8 in new workaround

New versions of Windows often bring new applications or revise older things to make them (subjectively, at times) better than before. Windows Blue is no different, but with it remaining unreleased as of yet, you can't get the new goodies. At least you couldn't; FaiKee at MyDigitalLife has found a way to get Windows Blue apps on Windows 8.

You're going to need Windows 8 Pro to do this, so if you don't have that then you're out of luck. FaiKee has lifted the apps right out of Windows Blue, and you'll need to download those first. Afterwards you'll have to fire up a Chinese program and request a one-month Microsoft Developer License and import the certificate.

The result of following FaiKee's instructions? Calculator and Calendar, running on the current version of Windows 8. It might seem like a lot of work for not much reward, but this process of adding new features to older versions of Windows goes back. People worked to get Windows 7's Calculator on Windows XP and Vista, for example.

We'd like to know how FaiKee worked out the process, but if you fancy bringing some Blue features to Pro then this is the way to do it. Neowin's own Ben Buffone took a look at the leaked copy of Windows Blue so you don't have to.

Source: MyDigitalLife | Thanks to FaiKee for the tip!

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