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Bon Voyage: Amazon kills off its four-year-old e-reader

Amazon is seemingly killing off its Kindle Voyage e-reader, four years after it was released, as it is no longer available to buy now from Amazon in many countries, including the U.S. and the UK. The Voyage was a flagship e-reader released in 2014 which was significantly more expensive, but also more advanced, than the company's other e-readers. It featured a six-inch capacitive touchscreen with 300ppi pixel density and adaptive brightness, which made it pretty spectacular at the time.

However, the device hadn't seen any refreshes since then, with Amazon having released two generations of Kindle Oasis e-readers, which now sit at the top of its offerings. The latest generation Oasis features a bigger screen at seven inches across and an option for LTE connectivity so you can find books on the go and have your reading progress synced anywhere.

It also supports audiobooks from Audible, which the Voyage never received an update for. Our own Rich Woods reviewed the most recent iteration of the Kindle Oasis last year and came away pretty impressed, giving it an overall score of 8.5 out of 10.

Being four years old and having two generations of successors on the market, plus the fact that it never received support for audiobooks, it's really no surprise that the Voyage is being dropped from Amazon's offerings. However, some may still mourn the death of what was once the best you could get from an e-reader. If you'd still like to get the Voyage, there are some used options up on Amazon.

Source: Goodereader via Gizmodo

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