CDMA iPhone 4 to start shipping in Q4 of this year?


Again the rumours of a CDMA iPhone 4 begin to surface, this time from an anonymous source from within Pegatron, the company expected to produce and ship many of Apple's products, according to Digitimes.

The source from within the company said that they are currently producing CDMA iPhone 4's in one of their plants in Shanghai, China.  The company is also working to get more orders for MacBooks and iPads from Apple.

Although this is still a rumour and should definitely be taken with a grain of salt, speculation about a CDMA compatible iPhone 4 just won't go away.  We've been hearing rumours that Apple is producing a CDMA version of the next iPhone for months.

But as always with Apple, they won't reveal anything until days before the unit is scheduled to ship, and if we're lucky, will see a leaked version of the hardware floating around the Internet.

If Apple does produce a CDMA version of the iPhone 4, they are likely not to mention anything before the ship date, to keep sales strong.  With that, Verizon and Sprint will finally be getting the iPhone on their network.

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