CES 2012 is almost here, and we'll be there!

It's almost that time of year again, Consumer Electronics Show! It's a week of an endless tidal wave of technology related news, and we're going to be on the ground covering the event as it unfolds in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you're super keen, you can find the press events list here.

Covering CES is not a small task, it's hours upon hours of people trying to get your attention so that you'll cover their new self watering dog bowl or the 75 other new devices that all do the same thing. But, overshadowing those are the big guns, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, Verizon, Sprint and many others will be there to show off all their latest gadgets.

Without giving away too much embargoed information, we think this edition of CES will be the year of ultrabooks, smart televisions and Microsoft talking a whole lot about Windows Phone 7 (since the Windows 8 beta has been delayed until February). Oh, and expect a wave of craptastic Android tablets to assault your eye sockets too.

Brad Sams, Owen Williams, Doug Bemis and Christopher White will be on the ground, working hard, long hours to bring you the latest and greatest in technology. Make sure to follow each of them (@bdsams, @findingnewo, @dougbemis, @Fezmid) as well as @Neowinfeed on Twitter if you want a play by play of what's actually happening at CES. We'd love to discuss what's going on with you too.

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