Chess Champion Kramnik Beats 'Deep Fritz' Computer

Did he really win? no! He drew - but hey- he found a weakness- and exploited it. The only way were gunna survive when computers take over the world - you think im joking. You really think George Bush's left arm is real? Please.

"MANAMA (Reuters) - World human chess champion Vladimir Kramnik took the lead on Sunday over Deep Fritz, the latest computer star, by winning the second game in a match billed as the "Brains of Bahrain" contest. Kramnik, playing white, exposed flaws in Deep Fritz's technique with a win in 57 moves. Kramnick now leads the eight-game competition 1.5-0.5 after drawing the opening game on Friday.

Kramnik, a 27-year-old Russian, will get $1 million if he wins, $800,000 if the match is drawn, and $600,000 if he loses. German-developed Deep Fritz is capable of evaluating 3.5 million moves per second, but once again it was unable break through Kramnik's rock-solid shield."

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