China overtakes US as largest smart device market

According to the latest stats from Flurry, China has now surpassed the US to become the largest "smart device" market in the world. Flurry is a company specializing in analytics and monetization for mobile apps and as such, they aggregate huge amounts of usage data from across the world and across the different mobile platforms.

Flurry first reported that China had become the world's fastest growing smart device market about an year ago and it seems that the growth of the Chinese market fueled by low end Android devices as well as incredible overall economic growth has finally overtaken the United States.

The chart above aggregates data from more than 2.4 billion anonymous application sessions across iOS and Android. As you can see both China and the US had roughly the same active smart device install base in January of this year with approximately 221 million devices. According to Flurry's projection model, China will have about 246 million active devices by the end of this month leaving the US, with only 230 million devices, behind.

The team at Flurry also goes on to state that according to their model, the US will not take back the lead from China given the huge population differences and the level of saturation in each market. 

Source: Flurry Analytics

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