Comixology iOS users slam decision to get rid of in-app purchases

Comixology, one of the top-grossing apps made for Apple's iOS platform, was abruptly updated over the weekend with a change that will now force all iPhone and iPad users to purchase their new comics from the company's website.

In a statement sent to Engadget, Comixology stated that the reason for this change was related to its recent acquisition by Amazon, which also does not have an in-app purchasing system for its iOS Kindle app. It stated that users will actually have more choice by purchasing comics on the web and syncing them to their iOS app. In addition to the iOS app, Comixology on Android now has a new in-app purchasing system that does away with buying comics via the Google Play system.

Comixology is trying to make this change easier for its users by offering a generous $5 credit towards purchasing new comics from their service. However, the app reviews for the iOS version have taken a turn for the worse following the changes on Saturday as many users are highly critical of the decision to remove the in-app purchase. The overall review rating for the app is now at one and a half stars. One comment stated, "Adding the extra step of going to their website to purchase the comic, then having to return to the device on which you want to read it, is completely unnecessary."

Source: Comixology via Engadget | Image via Comixology

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