Command & Conquer: Renegade spiritual successor being made by the original developers

Command & Conquer: Renegade was an ambitious game released in 2002 by Westwood Studios that offered a new perspective to the popular real-time strategy series. It let players jump into the fray as soldiers to fight on the ground while maintaining some of the RTS elements. The game went on to become a cult hit, spawning custom server communities that still play the game and even popular fan remakes.

Now, long after Westwood was closed down by EA, Petroglyph Games, the studio formed by ex-Westwood developers, is quietly working on a spiritual successor to Renegade. Coming with the name Earthbreakers, the title will seemingly bring back all the iconic elements from the classic.

The fully multiplayer title will have harvesters gathering Vilothyte, a resource that's totally not Tiberium, which can be used by players to upgrade their bases, buy better infantry classes and vehicles to secure victory. There will be quite a bit of variety as well, as the two factions in the game will each house 12 unique infantry classes, 11 structures, and six vehicles, alongside superweapons and more.

Up to 32 players will be able to participate in a single match, and the studio will have support for player-hosted servers as well. It appears Steam Workshop support is also planned.

Earthbreakers doesn't have a release date attached to it just yet, with a 2020 release window being presented on the Steam store page, where it can now be added to wishlists.

This isn't the only Command & Conquer centered project - though not official - Petroglyph is working on. EA has given the green light for the studio to officially remaster the original Command & Conquer as well as Red Alert. The double remaster is currently in full production, and recently even some gameplay was teased.

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