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Dead Rising demo hits Xbox Live

I don't have an Xbox, or an Xbox 360 (hint hint) but I do follow some games being developed for said consoles. Thus, I have been following with great anticipation - Dead Rising, the "Dawn of the Living Dead" style whack a zombie in a mall game. Of course the game is alot more than what I just described, but given I have no way of previewing the game at all, I can only summarize from gameplay trailers I watch. However, those of you with an Xbox 360 and who have the time to download a 1GB demo of Dead Rising, can enjoy killing zombie after zombie after zombie in a fully realized mall. You can use nearly anything possible in the mall as a weapon, and it's all very well done from what I've seen.
In any event, be warned the demo is not available in Germany, Mexico, Australia, Asia or New Zealand (why, I have no idea) and you are limited to 15 minutes of playtime on each boot up of the demo. But, you can as I said use nearly anything in the mall to keep yourself and your human friends alive. See that traffic cone over there? Oh what about that CD on the floor over there? What, toy lightsaber to bash them to death? Check.
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