Dear @evleaks: So long and thanks for all the leaks

Unless this is your first time reading a tech news site, the chances are you’ll have come across the Twitter handle @evleaks. The man behind the account, Evan Blass, has become synonymous with leaks of new smartphones, tablets, and plenty more stuff, giving the world a look at many of the most exciting devices long before their manufacturers officially announce them.

But today, after two years of running the account, Evan revealed that he plans to leak no more. His announcement was short and sweet and, of course, came in the form of a tweet

All good things must come to an end. Thank you for an amazing two years. [RETIREMENT]"

It’s a genuine loss for the tech community – there are very few tech sites worth a damn that haven’t published at least one story based on Evan’s leaks, after all. Many readers, too, will lament his decision to take a step back from leaks, if only because it will likely mean having to wait a bit longer to see some of the latest devices! 

Evan told The Next Web that his choice was ultimately a practical one – as much as he obviously enjoyed doing what he did, he just wasn’t able to sufficiently monetize his Twitter account, and its associated website at, for him to get by.

As he explains, the amount of money he was able to generate was adding up to “unsustainable living, and with a progressively worsening disease [multiple sclerosis], I need to make sure I can prepare myself better for the future, financially.”

Evan isn’t quite ready to announce what he plans to do next, but whatever the future holds for him, we wish him all the best. For now, though, as one of the many, many news sites and publications out there who have benefited from his hard work over the last two years, there’s only one thing left to say: thank you, Evan.

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