You can get the Surface Pro 3 for $650 if you are a student

If you are heading back to school and are looking to pick up a Surface Pro 3, Microsoft has an offer that is hard to refuse. Starting at $650, you can pick up the entry level Surface Pro 3. In fact, all of the Pro 3 models are $150 or more off, the i7 is $194.00 (10%).

If you are in the mood for buying the Surface Pro 2, those machines start at $799. The 64 GB and 128 GB machines are $100 off and the 256 GB and the 512 GB machines are $200 under their typical retail price.

The deal runs until September 3rd, which was first spotted by the folks at WPC, so if you are thinking about buying the Pro 3, you do have some time but with a deal like this, the entry level machines may not last long. Also, it's important to know that this machine does not come with the Type 3 cover, which we believe is an essential purchase and adds $116.99 (with discount) to your total purchase price.

For students, the Pro 3 is likely a great machine as it is built around the note taking app, OneNote, and seeing that this is what students are supposed to do while sitting in class (definitely not aimlessly browsing the web), it's a good machine. In both of our reviews, one technical, one layman, it has done quite well.

This will likely be the cheapest way to buy a Pro 3, unless you are willing to trade in hardware, so move quickly if you plan on jumping on this deal.

View: Microsoft' Education Portal

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