Dells Laptops with Dothan Support

Big thanks goes out to one of our very own Neowin members burnsnet for bringing to this to my attention.

Yesterday the following Dell Laptops were all issued with new BIOS's all adding support for the Dothan Processors. This list is complete and identifies those models that will support the Dothan Processors from release.

  • Precision M60

  • Latitude D505

  • Latitude D600

  • Latitude D800

  • Inspiron 8600

  • Inspiron 600m
These BIOS's are not yet available on Dell's Official site, but you can get still them at Dell's FTP site here. Proof indeed that Dell is ready to ship their machines with Dothan processors! I'm told that Dell may not wait to the 'Official' release date of the 9th May but may announce the new lineup early next week.

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