Device Night Philadelphia: Retail professionals "bike it out" with Microsoft's Band 2

Following their huge October 6th event, Microsoft has been busy preparing their retail teams and partners for these new products. We got an inside look at the Device Night event in Philadelphia, as well an interview with Microsoft’s Ben Rudolph. While the event featured multiple stations, none where more interesting, comical, and exhausting as the fitness station to demonstrate Microsoft’s latest Band wearable.

The station featured two setups, with a treadmill and spin cycle along with mounted Surface Pro 4s and of course Microsoft’s new Band. Guests, which consisted of both fans and retail professionals, were invited to hop on the equipment and get a mini-workout. While many didn’t oblige, the ones that did either by curiosity or peer-pressure from their chanting fellow professionals, walked away tired, but impressed with the new design and features, along with the web dashboard which was displayed on the Surface Pro 4s.

A Microsoft representative helps an event guest try on their latest Band wearable.

The guests really had fun at this event. And while I’m not sure the stories and personal experiences that they gained from this station in particular were exactly what Ben Rudolph wanted, I think they came close. They were goofy and joked around - sure, but at the end of the day regardless of whether or not this was a first impression, their opinion of the device will be one that is paired with fun anecdotes that customers will hopefully be able to relate to or just find entertaining - engaging nonetheless.

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