Don't Buy CRAP Products

ZDNet have published a rather amusing video be-moaning the ever encroaching spectre of Digital Rights Management - aka DRM.

Rather than accepting the lingo del MPAA and RIAA, ZDNet chief editor David Berlind adopts a new moniker - CRAP. Standing for



Annulment and

Protection. Berlind outlines the problem with different content providers using different CRAP mechanisms.


And guess what? If you try to connect these three universes, they don't
connect. Doesn't happen. Sorry. Nada. This music won't play here. This
music won't play here. And this music won't play here. That to me is a
problem. That's why I say that all these devices, for example, the
iPods that you buy out in the stores today, are a load of CRAP. I'm not
going to buy any of this CRAP. Stop buying this CRAP. Don't buy any
technology that has CRAP in it, because all it's going to do is make it
impossible for you to take the content that you're paying good money
for and play it anywhere you want.

Watch the video below.

Video: CRAP

View: ZDNet transcript

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