Edge Canary on Windows is now getting two updates per day

edge canary

Good news for those living on the edge and testing Microsoft's browser in the Canary channel: the company has announced doubling down on updates and shipping two daily updates for Edge Canary instead of one.

Canary is one of the three testing channels Microsoft uses to preview early updates and new features before shipping them to the general public. It is the fastest and the least stable channel where major bugs or instabilities are nothing unusual. The latest change makes Edge Canary even faster (and probably more prone to bugs).

Microsoft now ships two updates per day in the Canary channel. The company says this will allow it to take advantage of "the great rapid feedback" it gets from Edge Insiders and deliver new code faster. Increasing the number of updates means users will have to restart the browser more frequently. Still, Microsoft says users can use Edge Canary without restarts as long as they wish. Also, some days will have only one or even no updates at all.

Changes in the Canary channel currently apply just to Windows. Edge Canary on Linux, macOS, and Android will continue receiving daily releases.

You can get started with the Edge Insider program on the official website. Note that using Edge Canary as your primary browser is not the best idea due to instabilities, raw features, and bugs. Fortunately, Microsoft allows using preview builds side-by-side with the stable release to test early updates without risks.

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