Epic Games confirms PC exclusive game in the works

While Epic Games has been working mostly in the console game space for the past several years, the company has some deep PC gaming roots. Now it looks like the game developer is returning to their foundations for an upcoming project. Joystiq reports that during the PAX East event this weekend, Epic Games' president Mike Capps confirmed that the team is working on some kind of PC exclusive game title.

That's all Capps would reveal at this point, but it seems clear that this new game is not Fortnite, the rather quirky looking strategy-action game that Epic announced last December. Epic has been quiet about its plans for Fortnite ever since.

Epic started out in the 1990s as a PC shareware game developer and publisher, releasing such titles as Epic Pinball and Jazz Jackrabbit. In 1998, it released Unreal (co-developed with Digital Extremes) for the PC. It was a huge critical and sales hit and instantly turned Epic Games into a major game developer, thanks in part to the game's Unreal Engine. Epic later licensed out the engine to third party game developers while continuing to make its own games.

The rest, as they say, is history, as Epic has kept making its own games while also making money by selling Unreal Engine licenses to hundreds of other game developers. It will be interesting to see what kind of PC exclusive game Epic has in mind.

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