Ex-Microsoft team members launch Spindle iOS app

The social networking and discovery app business is already flooded with products, but a group of ex-Microsoft team members are aiming to make a mark in this area with the newly launched Spindle app for iOS devices.

As described on their company web site, Spindle is designed to help users find deals and events near their location and happening at or around the particular time they access the app. It uses information from businesses gathered from Facebook and Twitter updates to alert users if, for example, a quick sale is happening at the shop that is just down the street from the Spindle user's location.

The app also allows users to put in their favorite places, so they only see the events and sales they want to see. The app supports users alerting their friends to where they have spotted a sale or event. So far, the Spindle app is only launching for the greater Boston and San Fransisco areas, with plans to add more cities and more categories in the coming months.

AllThingsD.com reveals that the team behind the Spindle app actually came from Microsoft, and worked on the first version of Bing Social. Like Spindle, Bing Social also accesses Twitter and Facebook information and adds that information to Bing search results.

Source: Spindle

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