Facebook launches new privacy controls

Facebook announced last week that they will be revamping the way the current privacy controls are laid out to all of the 350 million Facebook users worldwide. Today Facebook launched their new, simpler interface to every Facebook user, asking users to look over their settings before continuing.

Users will be prompted when they login to adjust their privacy controls within three different categories. The new concept will limit what each person can share, preventing users from sharing pictures and videos with everybody, limiting them to 'friends of friends', while private information such as email, phone numbers and addresses will remain 'friends' only.

However, Facebook will try to encourage users to share their information such as: about me, family and relationships, work and education and posts.

Users can still keep their old privacy settings, or go back into the privacy settings and fully customize who can access parts of their profile.

Facebook has asked users for their feedback one week before making changes to the privacy controls and will continue to seek feedback after the changes have been made. Users should note that this does not change or modify the privacy policy, which was a controversial change back in February, that granted Facebook full permissions over your uploaded content and later reverted back to the old Terms of Service.

Facebook has made these changes to their website as Microsoft and Google are increasing growing interesting in adding live feeds to their search engines, using information from Twitter and Facebook.

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