Facebook one step closer to consciousness: Facial recognition

Unhappy with it's typical tagging features, Facebook has gone a step further and joined the likes of Windows Live Photo Gallery, by adding facial recognition.

Dubbed "tag suggestion," Facebook has integrated facial recognition into its tagging system and will be rolling out the feature over the "coming weeks." This feature has been found to be highly useful in photo software, so it can only stand to reason that it will be utilized by users on Facebook.

The feature, combined with Facebook's recent group tagging, will enable you to tag a photo only once, and then apply it to any and all photos you have uploaded. With automatic facial recognition, Facebook will utilize the technology to apply tags to newly uploaded photos as well meaning that manual photo tagging may become a thing of the past. For example, the group tagging combined with facial recognition means that all 100 photos of your buddy's bachelor party will be automatically tagged as soon as you upload them, no manual tagging or grouping required.

Facebook will also offer an opt-out option for those that do not wish to be suggested to their friends, but as always, manual tagging will still work. You also will not be suggested to people that are not your friends, and thus will not appear in any surprise locations without your knowledge.

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