Firefox approaching one billion downloads

Mozilla's Firefox browser is popular amongst those who... well, don't use any other browsers, of course, and it's about to reach a new milestone. Not too long after pushing out their 3.5 update, you'll see on the Firefox download counter, they're coming up to their billionth download.

As you'd expect, they're gearing up for the celebrations; on the Spread Firefox website, they've set up a page about it, detailing what you can to do celebrate. They've suggested taking photos, donning your 'fox apparel, and including banners such as the one we've included below. Mozilla says that once you've taken a suitable photo, send it off to this email address and play the waiting game.

Here's some photo tips from some photography experts that Mozilla chatted to:

It's all about balance: we want to see you and your location prominently displayed in the picture, so don't let one of them dominate the photo. And we should clearly see your Firefox aparrel or poster too.
Keep it sharp: check to make sure everything is in focus. You and your background. No one likes a blurry photo.
Enlighten us: Lighting can be tricky, and it can easily make your break your photo's appeal. For outdoor shots, face the sun so you can avoid shadows on your face.

So... are you a part of the billion downloads?

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