Fornay's comments are not an indication of PS3 pricing

Statements made on French radio have been "mistranslated or misunderstood"

The idea that Fornay's mention of 499 to 599 Euro price ranges was an indication of the PS3's price point is "a mistranslation or misunderstanding of the discussion, which was actually focused on the relative value of PS3 as a Bluray Disc player," according to SCEE corporate communications director Nick Sharples.

The SCE France boss' discussion of the pricing on French radio station Europe 1 was focused on the fact that the PS3 would be priced very competitively compared to other Bluray products if it were to emerge at $500, but that this price point is well above the range of other game console products, according to Sharples.

While Sharples' clarification of Fornay's comments doesn't actually shed any new light on the question of PlayStation 3's price point - the opposite, if anything - it does open up the possibility that the firm could be planning to introduce the console at a price lower than the 500 Euro / $500 mark.

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View: SCE France boss indicates 500 - 600 Euro pricing for PS3 post on Neowin

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