Foxconn to build an Apple netbook?

Lately weve been pummeled with so many iPhone rumors that people seem to have forgotten about other popular whispers... like an Apple netbook. This one has reared its head again, in the form of a DigiTimes article which states that Foxconn Electronics is close to landing the opportunity to build the device, after some bidding.

The sources are, as usual, ones within the component supply chain, who are also blaring previously seen rumors of Apples upcoming iPhone. There is, of course, no specifications or anything rumored yet but no doubt these will start slithering out if this product has truly gotten Apples green light. Apple news site AppleInsider is pretty sure that this device will be a touchscreen one, with a 10" screen.

Apple would be smart to have a product in the market; its ever expanding, as a lot of people like having a computer thats smaller and cheaper than a laptop. If youre looking for an estimate timeframe on this rumored piece of technology, its believed that Apple will begin taking shipments for the touchscreens in the third quarter of this year.

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