Free Xbox 360 for students with new Windows 7 PC ends Saturday

In May, Microsoft revived its 2011 offer to give qualified college students in the US and Canada a free Xbox 360 with the purchase of of a new Windows 7 PC. If you are a college student and still want to take advantage of this deal, you have until tomorrow to do so. As a reminder, students have to purchase a PC that's worth $699 or more in the US (or $599 in Candian dollars) to get the free console. This will be the 4 GB version of the Xbox 360 that's worth $199.

Keep in mind that people who also purchase a new Windows 7 PC for this free Xbox 360 console will get a discount for the upcoming Windows 8 upgrade. Microsoft is charging everyone else $39.99 to get the downloadable upgrade for their current PCs, but for people who buy a new Windows 7 PC, the price for the upgrade goes down to $14.99.

As we have mentioned before, some PC makers such as HP, Maingear, and Falcon Northwest have offered to give people a refund for that $14.99 Windows 8 upgrade charge.

Source: Windows Experience blog | Image via Microsoft

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