Full-fledged file system for Windows 10 Mobile discovered

A user on the XDA Developer Forums has uncovered a full-fledged file system inside Windows 10 Mobile, and while the process to access it may require more than it’s currently worth, this opens up the platform to a range of opportunities in the near future.

XDA user snickler posted a tutorial, detailing the process, and the tools required to access the file system. While the process isn’t easy, those with a high level of knowledge and skill could potentially work from this find. Advanced tweaking and modification, not available as a feature of Windows 10 Mobile, can be performed as result.

Previous methods that have opened the file system of Windows 10 Mobile haven’t given full root access, leaving many folders and files inaccessible to users. With this newest method, full file system access can be achieved.

Windows 10 Mobile shares the same core as Windows 10 for PC, and other editions of Windows 10 across a range of devices. The kernel, when paired with shared APIs not only means that these systems can boast universal application architecture, but also a similar backend. As a result, Windows Mobile can easily be exploited.

For users who are less confident with tinkering, and struggle to understand what is mentioned in the guide, it’s probably best for you and your device if you leave this method aside. Access to a full file system may not offer much to the average user, however can produce significant results when put into the hands of developers.

It is possible that an upcoming Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build could patch out this method, however it has been confirmed to work on the most recent version of Windows 10 Mobile, Build 10512, which was released earlier in the month. Make sure to leave your impressions, and discuss the build here.

Source: XDA Forums

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